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Dental Fixied Removable

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Dental Fixied Removable

A Denture is a set of false teeth. This can be made of acrylic, fiber-glass, metal, or a combination of these materials. A denture is generally made to replace missing teeth that are not possible to replace by a fixed bridge. This means that a fixed bridge is superior to a removable denture, but there are situations when it is technically not possible to make a bridge. A denture that replaces some teeth is called a Partial denture, while one that replaces all teeth is called a Full or Complete denture. Immediate denture is the type of denture that we insert in same appointment right after removing teeth.

Getting a denture made can prevent problems that arise when missing teeth are not replaced:

> Inability to eat properly.
> Appearance problems - missing teeth in the front of the mouth are obviously visible. The lips and cheeks may also sink-in to > give a wrinkled appearance.
> Drifting of adjoining teeth and over-eruption of opposing teeth.

We can begin constructing your denture once the extraction sockets have healed and your mouth has been rid of any existing infection. In some cases we can construct the denture before removing teeth, so you don't have to leave the office without teeth. The mouth has to be healthy to be able to take the additional load of a denture. After examining your mouth your dentist can recommend the denture that will suit you.

A well-made denture will help you eat better, feel better and look better. But these dentures have a life span, depending on the material chosen. After a denture has given it's life it needs to be replaced to prevent damaging your mouth.

It is very important to look after your dentures properly to ensure that they serve you well. Dentures need to be removed after every meal, cleaned and then reinserted.

They must be removed at night and stored in water - this gives the mouth some rest - please remember that the parts of your mouth supporting the denture were not originally designed for this purpose. It is necessary to thorough clean your dentures at least once every day to remove the accumulated deposits.

Your new dentures are likely to hurt for some time after being inserted in the mouth. This should settle down within a few days. This is something new for the mouth and the mouth will need some days to adjust. If your dentures still hurt after the initial period, you may need to get them adjusted.

It is important to appreciate that a denture is basically a compromise. Only when other solutions are not possible will your dentist think of making a denture. But then having some teeth to chew with and show-off is better than having nothing in the mouth.

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